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At Camelot Real Fires, we love open fires. After 40 years we still specialise in the design and creation of nothing but woodburning open fires.
We’ve been tested over the years as new regulations have been introduced but we’ve risen to the challenge to create a high performance woodburning open fire that will look like it always belonged in your Inglenook, Regency or other traditional fireplace.

Our unique Thermovent open fire is the most efficient HETAS approved wood burning open fire available in the UK offering over 50% efficiency and 14KW of heat output through its built in convection system.

Our fires are available in traditional or modern styles depending on your preference. Traditional Thermovents typically include a handmade canopy, hand forged or cast dog irons and grate front and the main convecting open fire with integrated flue baffle control. Customers wanting a more modern Thermovent can create their own take on this approach or choose Designfire

Preserving the open fires tradition led to the creation of Designfire – our modern take on an open fire. Our customers enjoy being involved in the design of each fire we make. Choose a Designfire and you can select your pattern and colours to create the look thats right for you and your home.

If you see anything you like get in touch. We love talking open fires.


“My wife Lizzie and I are so glad to have engaged Camelot. When you are spending a lot of money on something you want to give comfort to you and your family for the rest of your lives, its a big decision. I truly believe anyone using this company will not be disappointed. Knowledgable, experienced, professional and did what they said they would do when they said they would do it, with true quality of material and workmanship. Thank you Paul and team.”
Lizzie and Chris, Hampshire, 2015.


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