5 Considerations for Choosing Your Open Fire

Choosing the correct size of open fire for your property can be challenging for the uninitiated. A fire’s heat output is measured in kilowatts (kW) and can range from 3kW to 14kW depending on the kind of open fire you are choosing. To help you select the correct type of open fire for you from Camelot Real Fires, consider these five main points.

1. Dimensions of the Room

In order to choose the correct size of real fire that doesn’t produce too much heat, or, conversely, making the mistake of choosing one that simply does not produce adequate heat output, you will need to measure the dimensions of your room. That is the height, length and width.

In order to raise the temperature of your room to 20 degrees above the outside temperature, you will need approximately 1kW of energy output for every 14 cubic metres of space. By calculating the dimensions of your room (you can do this by multiplying the height, width and length measurements) you can then divide this sum by 14 to leave you with a rough idea of the heat output you require.

2. Layout of Your Home

The layout of your home may affect the type of real fire you may wish to choose. For example, if the room you want your fireplace to stand in is open plan, you may have to consider choosing a real fire that provides higher energy output.

A convection wood burning fire is an ideal way of generating enough energy to heat an entire room.

3. The Size and Type of Windows You Have

Before choosing, consider whether your windows are double glazed or considerably large. This may mean that you need a certain type of open fire capable of more or less heat output.

4. Type of Insulation

As insulation types vary from home to home, it is recommended that you organise for an approved installer to carry out a survey of your home before you commit to a design.

5. The Age of Your Property

Older, period properties may be more suited to traditional styles of fireplaces. Your home’s age may also indicate the type of chimney you have and, therefore, the type of open fire you may want to choose. Camelot Real Fires are equipped with the knowledge, materials and skills to bring traditional and modern fireplace designs to life.