Benefits of a Wood Burner Fireplace

There are many advantages to wood burning fires. They are the cheapest form of heating you can have in your home; they encourage people to come together and look stunning. There is nothing quite so elegantly mesmerising as fire. Real fires will improve your home environment and make your house a home!



Fires are very aesthetically pleasing. The flickering flames produce a delicate and mesmerising glow which warms the room and gives a house a more homely feeling. Sitting around the fire brings people together and encourages conversation, making them perfect for your home and social gatherings.    



Fires produce a vast amount of heat which warms the home instantly. As hot air rises, the heat from the fire will spread, heating your home despite how big it is. The warmth produced by a fire feels a lot cosier than heat that is produced by radiators. Due to the fact that wood burners burn wood for quite a long time, it means that your house will warm up and stay warmer for longer. Fires are also a very reliable heating source as you can light it when you want and it won’t break down or malfunction like a boiler.     



Using a fire to heat your home is a lot more affordable than you may think. Having a handmade fireplace installed can be costly however looks beautiful and you quickly make your money back from the money you save on heating bills. A wood burning fire has few costs. You’ll need to buy logs, kindling and pay to have the chimney swept. These costs are quite low, and with the amount of heat a fire produces, you won’t be needing to use your radiators.  


More Environmentally Friendly

Even though when fires burn wood they produce some gases such as carbon dioxide; they are still a lot more environmentally friendly than electric fires. Wood burning fires run off renewable energy, and you can control what you burn to ensure that you use the most suited wood to burn. For example, using dry wood produces less smoke and further releases fewer bad gases.