Custom-Made Canopies for Open Fires

Custom-Made Canopies for Open Fires by Camelot Real Fires

Here at Camelot Real Fires our passion is woodburning open fires. We design and make open fires and custom-made canopies, offer solutions for smoking fires, and are specialists in open fires for thatched properties.

Our canopies come in different styles and are available in steel, brass and copper, both polished and hand beaten, and with the option of decorative elements and finishes.

Last winter we were commissioned to make a number of custom-made canopies that were designed and made to very specific customer needs.

Here are a selection of pictures and desciptions of some of these canopies to give you a flavour of what we can make for you.

Commissioned Canopy for Pub with thatch


Custom-Made Canopies (Twin Canopy for a renovated pub with thatch) -Camelot Real Fires

 This canopy was commissioned by an interior designer for a renovated pub with a thatched roof.

The objective was an open fire that looked as they desired but worked when extraction in the kitchen was in use and was thatch safe.

Our solution was a twin canopy (inner and outer).The upper part of the solid stainless system was insulated for added protection. 

The outer canopy commissioned to interior designers specification was made with a rusted ‘old leather’ finish so it looks like a restored item. A heavy band was added to the waist to create detail. Upright seams were stitch welded from the rear with a 5mm return hand penned to accentuate the hand made look.

This canopy required a very technical solution drawing on all our knowledge of open fires and our crafts people’s ability to respond to requests for tailor made solutions to a given brief.

Canopy to Design of Customer

Custom-made Canopies by Camelot Real Fires

This large steel canopy was made to the customer’s design and drawings for an inglenook.

We received this testimonial from the customer after he’d used his new fire over the Christmas period:

“I was completely delighted with the service Paul and his team delivered. My canopy was created as a one off design to drawings. It is functionally and aesthetically perfect and was completed on time at a very busy (Christmas) time of year! Thank you Camelot!”

 Small Canopy


Custom-made Canopies - Small Canopy in Steel Designed by Camelot Real Fires

The customer was looking for a custom-made fireplace canopy for her existing fireplace with a shelf above the fire. So we designed and made this small steel canopy for her.

It was quite a challenge because of its small size. 

Here it is in our workshop nearly ready for collection.



Copper Canopy

Custom-Made Canopies - Canopy in Polished Copper Made by Camelot Real Fires

We made this copper canopy for a customer who was determined to keep an open fire but had a chimney that needed to be lined due to a leak. 

Our twin inner/outer custom-made canopy solution enabled us to make it work whilst looking fantastic in this unique fireplace.

The customer was delighted with the final result after installation and gave hugs of appreciation to our installers. Afterwards, she told us:”I love my fire, it is so easy to light!”

Previously it hadn’t been drawing properly.

Steel Canopy


Custom-Made Canopies (Large Steel Canopy) Designed by Camelot Real Fires

We made this large custom-made canopy as part of a twin inner/outer canopy solution to correct a new canopy installed (not by us) that didn’t work.

We corrected the issues so the fire works to very specific criteria from the architect and customer regarding the size, shape and finish of the canopy.

The fire looks beautiful in this cob thatch.


To view more of our canopies and open fire, have a look at this gallery of our past customer fires.

If you’re interested in custom-made canopies for your open fire, get in touch with the team at Camelot Real Fires on 01905 820181, or email your enquiry to