Browse through a selection of fires we have created for clients the length and breadth of the country for inspiration. Our beautiful open fire design are all created by hand in response to our conversations with the client using our design sketches to present our ideas. Whilst a sketch, you will see, they are to scale and feature the detail that has been discussed meaning the completed fire looks very much like the design sketch when installed. Whilst some of the steel canopies may look the same, if you look at the detail you will see how different they all are.

Open Fire Design project 1
Camelot Thermovent in large Inglenook

Thatched farm manor- Norfolk.

Situation: This inglenook fireplace was one of four we addressed at this property. The fire did not work properly and the customer was not happy with its appearance. As the house was large heat output was a consideration. They did not want a stove.

Their Thermovent open fire design: Our Camelot Thermovent fire, installed using the existing chimney arrangement with the addition of a suitable air vent. The fire cured the smoke issue and gave significantly more heat.

Camelot Georgian brass canopy Thermovent with hand cast dog irons featuring brass finials and scroll twist bow front grate
Open Fire Design project 2

New large oak beamed house – Rutland.

Situation: The fire in this beautiful high vaulted house had not worked since the customer moved in. The previous addition of a flue fan had not created an acceptable solution.

Their Thermovent open fire design: Our Camelot Thermovent fire, installed using the existing chimney arrangement including the flue fan for technical reasons, meant the fire worked perfectly with the fan only running on minimum. The handmade Georgian brass canopy with matching solid cast brass final tops on hand cast iron dog irons also meant the fire became a period style feature in the room

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the performance of your fire. It certainly does a beautiful job of heating the room, enhances the look of the fire place and has eliminated the problems we faced from smoke. Well done to you and the team on a great piece of kit.
Nick, Oxfordshire

Open Fire Design project 3
Traditional Fireplace

Renovated Bakers Cottage – Cotswolds

Situation: The fire place in this cottage was being opened up and renovated so the customer was looking for a new fire to replace existing grate which gave very little heat and did not look right.

Their Thermovent open fire design: Our Camelot Thermovent fire, installed using the existing chimney arrangement, suited the proposed redesigned fireplace as it contained the fire, was guaranteed to work and allowed the customer to choose the design of her fire. The steel canopy featured heavy studs plus hand cast fleur-de-lis dog irons.

Our Thermovent Woodburning Open Fire

Thatched Cottage – Oxfordshire

Situation: The fire place in this ‘chocolate box’ thatched cottage could not be used due to performance issues – and this was aggravating damp issues linked to the original bread ovens which had no damp course. As a thatched cottage the owner had been informed by their insurer that installing a stove would increase premiums by up to 30%. An open fire would be OK but they needed the fire to help heat the house.

Their Thermovent open fire design: Our Camelot Thermovent fire, installed along with a 200mm flue liner and taller clay pot to meet building regulations, worked perfectly and gave much more heat than previously. In addition the customer requested a bespoke heavier version of our swan neck dog irons with ball tops. The contained fire also helped reduce the staining that had been seen on the stone hearth.



Brick built renovated cottage- North Worcestershire

Situation: Having previously had a stove installed, this customer had paid for a canopy and fire grate as they preferred an open fire.  Unfortunately the supplier did not understand the the criteria for a successful canopy so the fire could not be used.

Their Thermovent open fire design: Whilst determined to have a fire they could use, this customer  also took the opportunity to create a magnificent feature in their lounge by requesting a large hand beaten copper canopy. The Thermovent  open fire we created resolved all their performance issues and more than heated the room. The 4 heavy studs linked the copper canopy to the hand cast fleur-des-lis dog irons and fire.


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open fire design

Renovated country house – Cheshire

Situation: This customer had previously had a coal fired open fire which they had never been happy with. They had decided to have the entire fireplace re-modeled (hence the lack of detail on the sketch). They wanted a fire that would compliment the local red-stone and antique herringbone walls plus solid slate hearth. The room was exposed on three sides however so heating the room was an important element of the fires role.

Their Thermovent open fire design: With its heavy stone sides and striking brickwork the client wanted a strong looking, traditional inglenook open fire that would work on the 9 inch chimney they had. The spit dog irons reflect back the heritage from a time when cooks prepared meals on open fires, basting the joints as they turned in front of the fire. The four heavy studs and the decorative join on the canopy added detail to the large canopy.

Traditional Fires Handmade With Passion

16th Century country house – Worcestershire

Situation: This amazing walk in inglenook with its freestanding brick and stone chimney had a large agricultural canopy in place when we surveyed the fire. The canopy dominated the fireplace but also ensured most of the heat from the fire and the rooms central heating went up the chimney so in a cold house the room was not a warm one. As a period property they also wanted a fire that would do the Inglenook justice.

Their Thermovent open fire design: The customer chose a simple design following inglenook tradition with heavy studs on the hand scored steel canopy and hand forged swan neck dog irons featuring solid steel ball tops. During the work they decided to raise the fire to create a wood store and make the fire visible across the room over the large bespoke round dining table which sat in front of the fireplace.


Hi Paul, just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the fantastic fire you installed in our 400 year old thatched cottage recently. We can hardly believe how easy it is to light, without any sign of smoke in the room!
Wishing you all the best with camelotrealfires.

Paula L, Thatched Cottage, Bedfordshire.

open fire design

17th Century vicarage – Oxfordshire

Situation: This large period property used to be frequented by Christine Keeler amongst others. The main reception room featured a beautiful marble fire surround which has been recently renovated by a specialist. With an exposed position and high ceilings this room could be cold so the fire needed to generate heat – which it didn’t – and had proved temperamental in operation. As such the owners had become reluctant to use the fire – and hence the room was used less.

Their Thermovent open fire design: The client wanted a fire in a style that would compliment the surround and the room but with a twist. Together we agreed a classic Georgian canopy but in steel rather than brass was a great start. This we added a style of dog iron the customer suggest with clean, sleek lines and a solid brass all atop to add a small amount of attraction.


Ancient manor house – Cotswolds

Situation: This large, long house style manor house in classic Cotswold stone has been extensively renovated and modernised to suit a young growing family. This very large Inglenook was served by a standard 9 inch flue. The copper canopy and dog irons were antiques and the client was keen to keep them as part of the chosen look for the fireplace – but it had to work – and in time for the house warming party just before Christmas!

Their Thermovent open fire design: One of two fires we created for this customer, we were able to take the antique copper canopy, repair it and extend it to suit the new arrangement and mount it with the Thermovent open fire. the huge dog irons and grate front were re-modeled to enable them to be fixed to the Thermovent without changing their appearance. They were renovated also. The result was a fire that worked when lit meaning the customer could be confident to entertain in the room with the fire lit adding that finishing touch to the atmosphere that Christmas!

Traditional Fires

Restored 17th Century thatched cottage- Bedfordshire

Situation: This large inglenook fireplace the centerpiece of the living room in this renovated cottage. The brickwork having been newly re-pointed and a new brick hearth laid, a fire to finish off the feature was required. Over the previous 8 years the customer had paid three companies to survey the fireplace and been repeatedly told her only option was a stove of some sort. However, their insurance company had informed her that a stove would add 30% to their premiums annually. She also did not want a stove – she wanted an open fire and it had to be installed to meet full building regulations.

Their Thermovent open fire design: The customer decided upon a traditional inglenook Themovent design with a decorative join in the canopy to break up the height a little. Once installed and lit the fire transformed the room creating a real centrepiece to be admired. The chimney was lined to meet building regulations and a dedicated air vent carefully installed through the original walls.


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Example design visual for client

Historic estate ‘Power House’ conversion

Situation: This dramatic large fireplace was created as part of the conversion of this building which used to supply power to a stately home. The high vaulted room needed a fire with good heat output and would work on the standard 9 inch chimney. Previous fires had not performed well even with the addition of a flue fan. The client did not want a stove in such a beautiful fireplace.

Their Thermovent open fire design: This summary illustrates how we can create photo based design illustrations as well as sketches. The Thermovent fire uses the clients exiting antique dog irons and grate front sources from elsewhere on the estate. A new handscored steel canopy with heavy stud to link to the dog iron detail finished off the set. When installed our Thermovent open fire did away with the need for the flue fan and worked perfectly.


Large period framed manor house.

Situation: This imposing house set on its own green is a mixture of beams and formal period architecture assembled over time. This fire in one of the more formal reception rooms looked fantastic but despite a flue fan did not work in manner than gave the owner confidence to use the fire. Despite being offered a stove the client did not want to spoil the period features so was delighted to discover we cold create an open fire that we were so confident would work without the flue fan which had proved very noisy.

Their Thermovent open fire design: To remain in keeping with the fire place the client our designers settled on a classic handmade georgoan canopy in brass with hand cast finial dog irons set in close to the fire. The plain round bar bow front to the grate completed the fire. A hand cast bronze emplem intended to link to designs in the fire surround as requested by the client was not part of the final design we created. On installation the fire worked well without the flue fan and gave significantly more heat then the previous arrangement


Renovated cottage – Leicestershire

Situation: This re-built fireplace was of unusual proportions being tall and deep. In addition the chimney entry was to the rear far left corner. Using a 9 inch clay lined chimney the fire did not work with its re-built arrangement. The client had purchased dog irons that they were keen to keep as part of the fire we created for them.

Their Thermovent open fire design: With a large, hand scored steel canopy and the clients imposing dog irons, which we re-worked to fit, the end result is a striking fire that not only works but site well in what was a contemporary style room decor. Our fires design allowed us to bring the fire forward in the fireplace also so it was not lost in the shadows to the rear.

open fire design

Large luxury house – Hertfordshire

Situation: This stone fireplace was built at one end of a large lounge room. It had previously featured a gas stove which the client had decided the did not like the appearance of and it gave very little heat. The house was surrounded by woodland so they had a plentiful supply of fuel in wood. Having had one stove the client was keen to explore open fire options when they made contact with ourselves.

Their Thermovent open fire design: This fireplace was of medium size but still plenty big enough for one of our Thermovent open fires. A bespoke steel canopy ensured the curvature of the front cleared the fire surround with hand cast fleur-des-lis dog irons mounted close to the fire with scroll top grate front. The fire worked perfectly on the standard 9 inch clay lined chimney giving more heat and control.


Modernised brick built cottage – Wiltshire

Situation: The chimney above this stone fireplace leaked fumes into the upper rooms so was going to have to be lined with a flexible liner. The owner had been told this meant the only option was a stove as the liner would reduce the flue so much an open fire would not work. Working with a local installer we confirmed a 200mm liner would fit and were able to offer a guarnateed solution that would not only work on the lined chimney but also give more heat than the previous open fire.

Their Thermovent open fire design: Conversations with the client revealed they were keen to keep the existing dog irons and fire grate front as they were of sentimental value. This also applied to the fireback. Careful re-working of the dog irons and the grate front enabled these to be married to our Thermovent fire. We also agreed a way to include an element of the fire back into the Thermovent. A hand scored steel canopy featuring swage line details on each panel added to the overall design appeal of the fire.


Ancient manor house – Cotswolds

Situation: This large, long house style manor house in classic Cotswold stone has been extensively renovated and modernised to suit a young growing family. This was the second fire we created for the high ceiling wood paneled hall. Besides a fire that fitted the period decor of the room, due to the size of the room and the Listed property restrictions it wasn’t used as much as it deserved because it was cold.

Their Thermovent open fire design: With such a solid appearance this fireplace needed a fire designed to match. The steel canopy with heavy studs was complimented by heavy design swan neck dog irons with ball tops and scroll top grates. The integral flue baffle ensured the heat from the main heating system was not lost up the chimney when the fire was not in lit.