Camelot’s Fire Baskets

One of Camelot’s specialist products are our hand-made fire baskets and fire grates, that many of our customers have chosen and loved throughout our time making fires. Many of our fire baskets are hand forged and include elements of cast iron created at our local foundries in the Black Country. We work closely with our blacksmiths at the Black Country foundries to ensure the fire baskets are made to the highest standard using our own design patterns.

Modern open fire fire grate
Open fire laser cute fire grate in modern style.

Over the last few years, in an effort to modernise and expand Camelot to create even better designs and cater to all types of style and design whether modern or traditional. To do this, we’ve expanded our patterns to include modern cutting techniques and laser-cut methods to give us a new platform for more modern and unique designs to create a wider range of fire basket designs. Alongside this, we use our own hand-crafted techniques to create the detail and originality we pride ourselves on by working directly with our customers wishes and desires.

Here at Camelot we offer multiple general styles of fire baskets and grates, tailored to suit your wishes and your home, mostly focusing around either fire grates or fire baskets.

Here are some basic comparisons:

Fire baskets: Camelot’s fire baskets are designed featuring sides of some depth to hold fuel (whether logs or coal) in as fully as possible, and commonly include dog irons attached to the front of the basket. Our fire baskets usually have a few horizontal bars or several vertical bars depending on your style preference.

Fire grates: Camelot fire grates are much more flat or open in nature, often with a very traditional feel. The classic Swans nest grate is great example of a typical grate perfect for any fireplace when comparing a basket. Dog irons in this case are typically separate to a fire grate, although we will cater to every customers individual needs, should you wish to create a unique fire grate featuring attached dog irons. Ashtrays or firebacks could also be added to a fireplace feature should you wish to add to your design. See more of our fire grate designs and compare them to fire baskets here: FIRE GRATES AND BASKETS