Fire Hoods and Canopies: a Closer Look

Here at Camelot, a large portion of our commissions and order consist of or include a canopy or fire hood. To us, fire hoods represent everything we stand for – the canopy represents the element of traditional craftsmanship and classic fireplace ambience. It is also the common piece in nearly every fireplace we design. Whether it’s our thermovents, grates or baskets, fire hoods are almost always an integral design element of the perfect fireplace.

Bespoke Design

Because we think fire hoods are such an integral part of the fireplace, they are possibly one of our most varied and commissionable products. This is because there are not only several styles of canopy, but the range of canopy materials is extensive. These materials are perfect for any and every style of home – whether modern or traditional. Camelot offers even more customization to perfect your fireplace through our own inventions, the Twin Skin canopy. This means that where normally, a canopy’s size would be determined by the size of the chimney it is attached to, our Twin Skin design offers a double layered design. This means your canopy can be as big or small as you desire, regardless of your chimney size.


There are three basic styles of fire hoods that we specialise in: the Inglenook, the Cottage and the Regency style canopies. You can tweak and edit each one of these canopy styles until it’s perfect for your home. Then, you can choose from several materials to create your fire hood. A classic steel canopy, elegant brass canopy, or vibrant copper canopy, are all available with different finishes. Almost like a build-a-bear design for your very own fire hood! 

So, to help you pick out your perfect fire hood check out our Open Fires Gallery on our website, or visit our Instagram page: Should you like what you see, check out our website pages: Canopies and drop us an email. Or alternatively – please feel free to give us a call in 01905 820 181 – we’d love to hear from you!