Looking for ‘fireplace shops near me?’ – that’s us!

Here at Camelot we are the answer to your Google search of ‘fireplace shops near me.’ We pride ourselves on our ability to travel all over the country delivering our fireplaces, grates, and canopies. Over the years, our customers have called from every area of Britain. As a design, production and installation business, we have happily obliged in travelling back and forth to visit our customers homes or package and send our products to them.

You could describe us as a mobile shop, making us everyone’s nearest fireplace service! We will travel to you from the very beginning, starting with a design survey. Paul, the owner of Camelot Real Fires, will drive to your location with an example of a thermovent, canopy and fireplace accessories to show you what we offer. This service is provided all around the country and will get the ball rolling in your fireplace journey. You could argue ‘fireplace shops near me’ applies to us no matter where you are!

After our initial design survey visit, we then use our portable business style to make you feel comfortable in the design and installation of your fireplace. We will communicate with you and show you potential designs, examples of our work and mock ups to find you the perfect fireplace. Our final stage of installation is done through our sister business Crown Fire Installations – we work together alongside this business the install your fire safely, neatly and without trouble. The result will be a unique fireplace tailored to your preferences.

If you would like a visit from us, please get in touch on 01905 820 181 or email us via our website. We hope to hear from you very soon!

Design fire show service
Paul bringing the customer show service to a customers home, with example inglenook canopy and thermovent fire.