Open Fireplace Accessories – Safety in Style

An open fireplace is the perfect addition to any home, especially well in time for the winter season and perfect for the festive time of year. The open fireplace has played a significant role in the home for centuries, from the centre of the home for warmth, hot water and food to the modern day aesthetic it creates now.

Although you wouldn’t expect it, one of the most important parts of creating the perfect open fireplace is the accessories that come with your fireplace! Camelot offers a wide range of fireplace accessories to compliment your new open fire, such as:

  • Hand-made Leather Club Fender for Open Fireplace
    Hand-made Leather Club Fender for Open Fireplace

    Dog irons

  • Log cradles
  • Fire guards
  • Fenders
  • Any bespoke designs you wish!

Camelot accessories can be brought as standard or as a result of your very own design ideas: for example, we created bespoke metal items such as log cradles commissioned by a customer who wanted a beautiful place to store their logs. Dog irons can also be created as part of a fireplace, or made by commission. Commissioned dog irons can be elaborate or simple as you like to compliment your open fire: whether traditional or modern.

Open Fireplace Accessories and Safety

Not only are fireplace accessories perfect for complimenting the aesthetics of your fireplace, but they are extremely important for keeping your fireplace safe. Fireplace accessories are important for keeping your fireplace organised and tidy. For example, our log cradle keeps wood supplies out of the way.

Also, our accessories are important for keeping the fire itself family and living room friendly! For example, our fireguards are designed specifically to fit the dimensions of your open fire. This means they are perfect for covering the fire to prevent spitting and keep curious children or pets safe! Our Club Fender also helps with fire safety, by keeping everyone a safe distance away from the open flame to prevent accidental burns. Club Fenders are also beautiful aesthetic additions to a grand fireplace.

Our accessories are sold both as part of a fireplace or separately. So, whether you’re looking for a whole fireplace or just an accessory, please get in touch!