12 Ways Our Thermovent High-Performance Fires Deliver – Perfect for your Inglenook Fireplace.

Thermovent High-Performance Fires


1. Reduce heat loss up the chimney when the fire is lit

Our Traditional Thermovent fires and Designfire have been designed to keep the hot gases generated by the burning fire within the body of the Thermovent as long as possible, without allowing smoke into the room. By doing this the maximum amount of heat from the fire is passed to the metal of the Thermovent itself.

2. Capture more heat as your logs burn

Every Traditional Thermovent fires or Designfire features 7 heat exchange chambers that are separate from smoke the fire creates. Incorporating over 70 heat exchangers, our design takes the heat passed into the metal of the Thermovent itself and passes it into these heat exchangers in the chambers. The heat exchangers pass that heat to the air moving over them within the chamber.

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Thermovent High-Performance Fires

3. Convection! A dynamic air flow distributing more heat around the whole room

The smoke free air in the heat exchange chambers rises and moves out into the room (no smoke). As it leaves the fire and starts to move into the far corners of the room it creates a slight vacuum within the heat exchange chambers which draws more room temperature air in. As the fire gets hotter this cycle gets quicker and quicker meaning more heat output shared to more of the room as a whole.

4. Radiant heat

Like any open fire, as the fuel burns it emits heat in all directions. The heat at the front of the Thermovent will be felt within the area immediately in front of the fire.

5. Warmer quicker

Thermovent convecting open fires are genuine open fires. As such, unlike a stove, they don’t need to warm up to start sharing the delights of a fire – visually and in terms of heat you can feel.

On a cold winters day it’s great to feel the warmth almost as soon as the match is put to the fire. With Thermovents flue baffle control, lighting the fire couldn’t be easier as it allows maximum draw when lighting, but maximum efficiency once the fire is established.

In addition, a Thermovent high-performance fire will heat the corners of the room quicker than any other fire (including a stove) that doesn’t have a convection system built into it as it will move the hot air it creates around the whole room.

Thermovent with Inglenook steel canopy


Dear Paul, I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the performance of your fire. It certainly does a beautiful job of heating the room, enhances the look of the fire place and has eliminated the problems we faced from smoke.
Nick, Oxfordshire.

6. Minimise heat loss from the other heating systems in the room.

A Thermovent fires feature a flue baffle control that allows you to close off the chimney when not in use to minimise heat loss.

7. Burn the entire log – to ash

If you’re burning wood that has been well chosen and prepared so burns well and gives good heat, you don’t want to waste it. A Thermovent fire pit is designed to ensure that all that’s left of a log is ash. This means lower cost, and less work in terms of wood carrying and ash emptying. It’s also better for the environment.

Thermovent High-Performance Fires

8. Cheaper installation potential

Unlike many stove installations, a Thermovent open fire can often be installed without the need to put a chimney liner in which can offer a significant saving on the installation element of the project cost. Thatched properties may require a liner for any appliance to comply with building regulations.


Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the fantastic fire you installed in our 400 year old thatched cottage recently. We can hardly believe how easy it is to light, without any sign of smoke in the room!
Paula, Thatched Cottage, Bedfordshire.

Thermovent High-Performance Fires

9. No Smoke Guarantee.

We offer a guarantee that our Thermovent convection fire will not smoke as long as it has been installed correctly.

10. 10 year guarantee

The main body of our Thermovent convecting open fire is made from heavy gauge steel that is laser cut and CNC folded to ensure the highest quality assembly. All welds are inspected prior to dispatch as part of our assembly process. Our confidence in the body of our Thermovent fire enables us to offer a 10 year guarantee against failure in material or assembly.

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11. Smaller flue sizes, smaller air vents

Thermovent convection fires operate on a 200mm diameter flue. Compared to all our direct competitors this means by far the greatest heat output for this, the minimum size flue building regulations will allow for an open fire. This can be a real advantage if remedial action is required to correct an issue with a chimney or in a Thatched property.

The other advantage of a smaller flue size for the heat output achieved is smaller air vents are required.

12. Efficiency or a warm room?

We live in a world of regulations and testing – often with good reason. As open fire specialists we do however often feel the unremitting focus on efficiency misses the point in terms of keeping people warm. There are no declared tests for the ‘in the room’ benefit of a convection system on a fire (open fire or stove), but we are convinced our fires often do a better job than a simple stove, even if that stove has a declared efficiency that is much higher.