What makes open fires so special?

Open fires have long been a traditional and well known focal point of Englishness, the countryside and the past. Here at Camelot we aim to bring these feelings and ideas into everyday homes in the present. Camelot’s open fires have transformed the ambience of many living rooms into everything from a modern open fire feel to traditional design that transports you back into English heritage.  The huge range of open fires we make at Camelot means we could do this for you too…

Benefits of an Open Fire

Traditional openfire thermovent with ball top dog irons
Thermovent anniversary edition open fires with steel inglenook canopy and ball top dog irons.

Not only are open fires fantastic for enhancing the style of a home, but they also provide certain benefits. The efficiency and heat output of Camelot’s own Thermovent fire is significantly higher, with far more range, than your average wooden log burner. Also, burning solid wood fuels to heat your home is very efficient for saving money on gas and electricity bills! Wood fuels are inherently known as one of the cheapest fuel sources for your home, especially in chilly winter months.  To put it simply, open fires give you the best of both worlds. Not only will you get a wonderful, cosy heat source, but the open fire you commission will be tailored to your design tastes, creating the perfect family setting.

Whether your style is traditional and classic or modern and unique, at Camelot we pride ourselves on our ability to create the perfect open fire for your design aesthetic to complete your vision. Our aim is to create perfect space for you and your loved ones to enjoy all year round. Our fireplaces will transform your home, ideal for chilly winter evenings keeping out the cold. If you’d like to design the change for your own living room, please get in touch on 01905 820 181.