Special Open Fire Project 3 – The Conical Knights Helmet

The perfect match:

Special Project Feature number 3 on our project spotlight was created for a couple of antique dealers in Herefordshire, and their design request reflected their interests. This brief was interesting in that our customers knew exactly what they wanted when they came to us! This fireplace was created from photographic examples given by the customer, which complimented their own huge antique dog irons and ornate fire grate.

Conical Knights Helmet steel canopy with brass rivet detailing and dragon tooth fire grate

The shape of this canopy is especially interesting because it reflects our customers traditional, antique style and taste, whilst remaining an entirely unique piece because of its large funnel shape. We have named this particular canopy ‘the Knights Helmet’ because of its uncanny resemblance! The beautiful curved outer layer is without a doubt the new talking piece of their living space. Not only that, its efficiency makes it the best place to sit in the winter months. Our Twin Skin canopy style enabled us to install an effective, working fire behind the aesthetic outer canopy. The customer also specifically asked for contrasting brass riveting (an unusual choice) and a conical shaped canopy to add to the once common quintessentially British style. A decision which has worked in their favour!


Merging the antique and the modern…

Large steel bespoke canopy and dragon tooth fire grate.

Not only have we made their fireplace look fantastic, but we have also managed to make it safer to use.  We installed an air vent and large pot in the chimney to open up the flue space, making the fireplace altogether more efficient and user friendly. Alongside their canopy, we installed a safe burn tray inside their antique fire grate to ensure the fire was safe for use by anyone, but also to preserve the fire grate itself in good condition!
This fireplace reflected the interests and passions of its owners by merging traditional, antique appearances with precise modern design techniques and materials to create a perfect blend of old and new. We are pleased to say our customers loved their fire and happily welcomed the newest addition to their collection!