Simple pricing for bespoke & tailor made items

Over the last few years we have developed a pricing structure that allows you to choose from a broad description of items but within a given price. This means you can see more clearly how much a piece made for you will cost.  If you can’t see a price for what you think you want, a conversation might help – if so do please send us an email or call 01905 820181 as we love to talk open fires.

Our pricing breaks up into four categories – Canopies & Fire hoods, Fire Grates & Baskets, Dog Irons & Accessories and finally our Thermovent Open Fires. We have tried to make use of images as well as words as much as possible so you see what we are referring to in images as well as words when you are looking at the opening up a fireplace cost or the price of bespoke items.

Our prices do not include installation or delivery

Due to the unique circumstances of each installation we cannot include installation in the prices we give. Also some items, fire baskets for example, don’t need to be installed just placed in the fireplace. Our Thermovent open fires and Canopies do however need to be installed by a competent person.

For information on how to find a local installer visit here:

Show Survey visits across the UK

At Camelot we bring the show to you! As our customers are all over the UK we’ve created our Show Visit service to bring examples of our Canopies, dog irons and Thermovents to you at your home. We charge either £150 + VAT within a 25 mile radius of WR5 2PZ or £225 + VAT beyond. More….

Design fire show service