A Big Announcement….

Hello everyone – it’s been a while since we last put out one of our blogs, fortunately this delay has been because we’re so busy making open fires! This Christmas has been one of our busiest yet, and as we wind down for the festive period, we have been looking back at our  years work and are feeling very pleased with it’s successes! However, we’ve got even better things happening on the other side of the New Year and wanted to give you the run down before we get started.

January 2022 will be a busy one for us because…


After 10 great years in our first and current home, Camelot has made the big decision to up and move our entire workshop to somewhere bigger and better. In mid-January we will be packing up and shifting all our gear to a commercial warehouse on Racecourse Road in Pershore, which will be our workshop’s new home. This is the perfect place for our business because it’s close enough to home for all our craftspeople and directors to get to, with even more room than before! We hope to be moved in by the end of January, with lots of work and alterations being done in the meantime to make sure it’s perfect for our craftspeople to get started on your open fires straight away…

This move will mean lots of exciting new changes to the way our workshop runs: because our commercial warehouse is so much bigger than our current workshop, we will be able to completely shift the way we work.

To put it simply: more space = more storage!

With all this space, we will be able to make our general stock fires and bespoke orders in better time because we will have the extra space to store them safely! This will make our production system much more relaxed, and even allow us to start producing more regular stock. 

The new space will also allow us to re-jig our workshop layout. Our new workshop will include carefully sectioned areas for each stage of the creation process, featuring a specialised paint application space, steel prep and welding areas, and a specifically designed storage section to keep our precious metals safe from damage before use. All these changes will transform our working process, and hopefully mark the beginnings of even more business growth and production, with even better craftsmanship. Not only is our workshop moving, but our office is too! Warehouse space means Paul (our director) will be based in a new office next to the workshop. This means he will be able to continue to maintain close involvement in the creation process and hands-on elements of Camelot fireplace creation, just as he has for the past 10 years – only this time it won’t be 10 steps from his backdoor!

We at Camelot are really excited about the changes this new year will bring and can’t wait to see how our move turns out – hopefully you are too. So, keep an eye out in January on our Instagram, Facebook and of course our website to follow our moving process and see the result! We hope this will be the next big step in our small business journey, and can’t wait to bring you with us, but for now, Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!

Also keep an eye out next year for new products inspired by our design ideas including handmade outdoor tables, chimineas, fire pits and outdoor grills!

Workshop production
Thermovent workshop production in group.