Period pieces to make your home feel extra special.

Each of our fireplaces are inspired by our history, with every design having been created during a specific point in time, for a certain purpose. Whether aesthetics or function, we aim to emulate this design for every customer in their home. Having a fireplace makes a room more centred, especially when the customer has crafted them into their desired vision. From our hand-drawn designs approved by our customers to the final result, bespoke fireplaces like ours here at Camelot are extra special because they are yours. Your fireplace that will serve as a conversation piece, a source of warmth and a completely unique fireplace design catered to your every need. 

While older home designs like thatched roofs are incredibly well suited to a design like a regency style canopy, we have plenty of design capabilities to suit modern homes just as well. Our flat bar canopy designs blend seamlessly in this customer’s modern and white interior design. The theme of our bespoke fireplaces can even redefine that of the room, accentuated by a fire grate designed to match your fireplace perfectly, such as the slender Fleur de Lys design. Put together, your ideal fireplace will create the perfect atmosphere in your chosen room for you to enjoy and treasure.

Every fire is tailored to your desires as the customer, and this uniqueness is something that is celebrated here at Camelot. The accessories play a major role in this process, meaning that each fire, even if the bare bones are the same, can have maybe a different fire basket or dog irons to  bring a piece of history into the modern day too. To start the process of your own period piece, bespoke fire, get in touch at 01905 820181.