Special Open Fire Project 2 – The Modern Cotswolds Home

The next in this series of special projects was in the Cotswolds, in a beautiful yet modern new development. Our brief was relatively unusual, in that the fireplace itself was already recently made and finished – our job was just to make sure it worked! This meant that we were tasked with creating a fire to the specifications that were already there. This was an especially interesting task for us, because this fireplace was double-sided, meaning it can be seen, used, and accessed from both sides!

This customer had design ideas that differed from our typical traditional designs, as their new build includes strongly industrial, modern design features. We then reflected this in his fireplace, by focusing on industrial streel with a unique rusting technique to create an antique leather finish. This was used in nearly all the customers commissions to create an industrial yet minimalist feel.

Special Features – the ‘firebox’

To bring our customers fireplace to life, we produced two flat-front canopies and a unique ‘fire-box’ all in the industrial steel design. The canopy was

 in design, featuring a specially designed steel pelmet above the canopy itself and the front of the fireplace to maximise airflow. The double-layered Twin Feature allows the fireplace to work as efficiently and safely as possible, because the inner-canopy does all the hard-work whilst the outer canopy perfects the aesthetic look.

The firebox we created is essentially a modernised form of our typical fire basket, and was designed to resonate with the customers design inspiration of square, angular designs that emphasised a continuity with the modern space it was in. The structured nature of the firebox then is complimented by the traditionality and warmth of the open fire itself.

Fireplace safety measures

In addition to the firebox and canopies, we also created several extra features to bring together the fireplace effectively. This included a pair of bespoke fire guards, fire guard holder and pair of hearth extensions made especially to fit this particular fire, and helped to make a safer experience whilst continuing the industrial metal aesthetic outside of the fire itself. The fireguards slot into the fireplace perfectly, without any stand or catch needed, creating a minimalist look whilst keeping everyone safe. The hearth extension similarly made the fireplace easier to handle and around the fireplace safer, whilst keeping that rusted antique leather look.

Despite this being so different from our typical fireplaces, we really enjoyed the challenge of working with such a unique space, and love how the modern industrial elements of this new development is reflected in its beautiful new fireplace.

Cottage modern steel double-sided canopy.