What Is An Inglenook Fireplace?

An Inglenook Fireplace is also known as a ‘chimney corner’; it is the name for the large space found either side of very large and open fireplaces. Inglenook fireplaces can often be seen in very old pubs, the seats were formed for people to sit in warmth while they relaxed, shared conversations and enjoyed drinking among friends.  

Originally an inglenook fireplace was in the home with the hearth being the area for cooking and the enclosing alcove around the inglenook was where people gathered for warmth. Over time the kitchen became a separate room in the house and the inglenook fireplaces were retained in the living space as intimate warming spaces for those living in the house.

The word inglenook actually comes from Old English with ‘ingle’ meaning fireplace and ‘nook’ meaning an area. Nowadays the term ‘inglenook fireplace’ is commonly used by the fireplace industry to describe the area that is left within a chimney breast, once the chimney breast has been opened to its maximum width.

Due to the popularity of inglenook fireplaces in the first two Green Knowe novels by Lucy M Boston, the BBC One adaptation of The Children of Green Knowe and The Chimneys of Green Knowe, along with the film adaptation From Time to Time in 2009, the inglenook fireplaces have grown in popularity throughout homes in the UK too. You may also have heard the inglenook fireplace mentioned in the poem ‘In a Bath Teashop’ where the inglenook fireplace was immortalised as the setting for a tryst.

If you have seen the beauty of the inglenook fireplace and feel this would look beautiful in your home then why not contact our specialist fireplace designers? We can offer a nationwide design service where we listen to your need and requirements of a unique inglenook fireplace for your home and we use sketches enabling you to visualise the fire that you dream of in your home.

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Many of our customers request our handmade traditional elements of the old style fire, but if you would like a canopy or grate for your inglenook fireplace we can help you with that too. While this approach can bring some challenges, we will talk through these with you so we can ensure that you only have a fireplace and additional features that will work for you and your home.

An inglenook fireplace is a beautiful thing of history and can really add to look and feel of a warm and cosy home; why not contact us now to see how we can help you create an inglenook fireplace in your home?