5 Benefits of a Real Wood Fire

There’s nothing more pleasurable than arriving home from the bitter outdoors in the winter months and warming your hands by a cosy fire, especially when the rain and bad weather are lashing at your windows! Nowadays, open fires have been developed with greater energy efficiency than they ever have done before. Not only do they warm the room quickly, they can even distribute warm air around the whole house.

  1. Combat the Cold

Some fireplaces come equipped with a sophisticated system of specially designed heating chambers that increase convection and heat distribution, meaning even greater radiation of heat is possible. Another way of increasing the functionality of your fireplace is to ensure it maintains a good draw, meaning that the fire draws in the cooler air well, before heating it and then releasing warm air back into the room. Most fires when installed correctly release so little smoke as to be classed smokeless or smoke-free, so you don’t have to worry about an uncomfortably smoky room or smelling like a bonfire. Ultimately, real fires are built to last and increase the desirability of your property.

  1. Eco-friendly Warmth Without Electricity

There’s nothing worse than having to wait in the freezing cold for a utility company engineer to come and fix your heating in the event of a power cut or other emergency situation. With an open fireplace, you can avoid all of the discomforts of being cold and build yourself a nice cosy fire that makes you feel wonderfully at home, no matter the situation.

More eco-friendly than you think, real wood fires are carbon offset, as the carbon trapped within the wood is equal to the amount released as it burns. What’s more, open fires heat up faster than stoves, and unlike coal and other fossil fuels, wood is a renewable fuel source, so potentially you will never encounter issues of supply.

  1. Romantic Ambience

It’s no surprise that the radiant glow of a fire is so heavily associated with romance. For aeons, man has enjoyed the comforts of an open fire. It has the uncanny effect of awakening your instincts, from the look and sound to the smell and feel, causing you to achieve a connection between yourself and your ancestral roots. The romantic glow and comforting crackle of wood instantly transport you to a state of mind that surpasses the constraints of place and time, leaving you free to enjoy life in the moment with your loved ones, unencumbered by worry. The glowing ambience bathing the room can be enhanced by a smoke-free open fire, so be sure to choose one that has been approved as smokeless to really make the most of your beautiful fireplace.

  1. Reduce Fuel Bills

Many people now use their fireplace as a primary source of heating in their home, sometimes eliminating the need to switch on the central heating even in the depths of winter. That certainly is a testament to how efficient open fires can be, as even if you only use your fire at the height of the season, you can reduce your fuel bills a great deal and save yourself some money. There are also a number of fuel options, from compressed sawdust logs to real wood and smokeless solid fuels.

     5. Cut the Cords

Potentially, if you have access to enough wood, you can reduce your dependence on utility companies and avoid dreaded hikes in electricity costs entirely. And since wood is cheaper than other fuel sources, you can save money quickly and in the long run by choosing a real open fire.

To enjoy the fantastic benefits an open fire offers and to peruse the wide range of traditional or modern open fires we have to offer, contact Camelot Real Fires today.